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Zarchiver apk for android free download

Today I brought an Zarchiver apk for you people. In this article, I will completely give the information about this apk. If you want to know about this apk, then keep reading this article, because in this article we will provide each and every information about this apk.

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What is archiver? (Zarchiver apk)

Zarchiver is a kind of computer programming in which the user can combine several kinds of files on one place. Using archiver is very beneficial because it compresses the data and the user does not loose any kind of data and can also save a lot of space. In a such way the user less space is consumed and for such compressed data transferring is also very easy. It is one of the main features of archiving files. In older days this feature was present on PC,s but now this feature is also present in Android phones.


(Zarchiver apk)


Combining the files and making an archive, this process is called archiving, and can also be called packing. And when you construct the original file or construct the data from the archive is called unarchiving or unpacking.
For such archiving process, we brought an APK file whose name is zarchiver. It is one of the best archiving files for Android phones. It has a lot of features.



(Zarchiver apk)


On the play store, zarchiver has more than a hundred million downloads and has more than 1 million reviews with a 4.5 rating. It shows that a lot of users are satisfied with this app. The version of this app is This app was released in January 24 2012. The size of the app is 3.81 MB. Recently it was updated on April 29, 2021. The z archiver was developed by zdevs.




What permissions required this apk file? (Zarchiver apk)

This app does not require a lot of permissions but with the basic permissions like storage and other one is the installing the package on the Android phone. These two permissions are the only requirement for this app for Android users.




What kind of files this app can make? (Zarchiver apk)

This app can make almost all kind of files like zip, bzip2, gzip, xz, lz4, tar, zst,




What kind of files this app can decompress? (Zarchiver apk)

The files which can be compressed by this file app are: zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, xz, iso, tar,arj, cab, lzh, lha,lzma, xar, and many more.





Can we protect the file with password with the help of this app?(Zarchiver apk)

Yes, you can protect the file with the password with the help of this app. You can set any password to protect your file. When other people will try to access your file if it is protected by the password they will be unable to access the file.





Can I make the archive of the game APK files?(Zarchiver apk)

Yes you can make the archive file of the games also this will reduce the size of the APK file.




Can we are archive songs with the help of this app?(Zarchiver apk)

Yes, you can also archive the songs with the help of this app you will not use any quality of your songs for any kind of compression which you are done within this APK file.




Is this app free to use?(Zarchiver apk)

Yes, you can use this app free of cost. You have to just download it from our site. Install it and you can use this app free of cost. This app you can add any kind of file with the help of this app.



Is this app virus free?(Zarchiver apk)

Yes, this app is virus-free and provides 100% safe and secure. You can trust on this certificate file and also if you download this app from the play store it is safe and secure to use this app.






Does the app slow down the mobile?(Zarchiver apk)

No, this app does not slow down your phone. As this a very simple and small app for the mobile. You can run this app easily on any kind of phone.



Does the computer archive work in the mobile?(Zarchiver apk)

No the software used on PC will not work in the mobile because for the PC the software use the window for execution, and the software used in mobile is Android and Android will do not run the computer software. So for this purpose, the computer archive will not run and work on the mobile.


Is this app easy to use?(Zarchiver apk)

Yes, and of course this app is very easy to use. The interface of this application is very simple. If you’re still not able to use this app you can visit the YouTube tutorials that how to archive files on the mobile. There you can learn how to archive the file on the mobile.




Can we send our archive file with the help of Gmail?(Zarchiver apk)

Yes, you can send the archive file to the mobile with the help of Gmail.



(Zarchiver apk)




Conclusion(Zarchiver apk)

Zarchive is an application for the mobile phones of Androids. With the help of this application, users can compress and decompress the data. Doing so will save a lot of space for the user, and also it is very easy to transfer data from one place to another place. It is one of the best apps and a lot of users trust this app. It can make the archive of almost every kind of file type. And also this app can decompress any kind of file. This app is free to use, having a very simple and easy interface to use this app.


(Zarchiver apk)


You can also protect your data with the help of this app. You can set the code or the password for your archived files. When somebody will try to use that data, he will be asked for the password. In such a way, you can protect your data from other users. This app is safe and secure and does not require a lot of permissions. This app is used by more than a hundred million users and they give a 4.5 rating to this application.

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