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TSB Studios APK v9.8 (Latest Version) – Free Download

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Name TSB Studios
Version 9.8
Size 9 MB
Price FREE
RequiresAndroid Android 4.1++

What is TSB Studios APK?

TSB Studios APK is an Android application that is developed for the purpose to provide all kinds of entertainment in one application.

This application is developed for the people of Pakistan and India for the purpose of entertainment. In this application, you can enjoy different kinds of movies, dramas, and news. All content in this application is in Punjabi Urdu language. As I mentioned earlier that this application is developed for the people of South Asia. All content in this application is related to Pakistan and India.

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Most of the dramas and movies are Indian and Pakistani. If you are from South Asia and you love to watch movies and dramas from South Asia then this application is for you. In this one application, you can enjoy all the services. The entertainment channels of this application include TV drama serials, movies, and all the stuff related to entertainment.

The content on this application TSB Studios APK is available live. You do not have to worry to download the content from this application because you can watch all the content on this application live. And this application you will get all the traditional dramas of South Asian people.

You can enjoy live streaming from this application. You can watch different movies, dramas, documentaries, sports, and news. All such stuff is available on this application. If you have installed this application on your Android phone then you are just one click away to watch live TV on your Android phone. This is one of the best applications for watching entertainment content like movies dramas news and other stuff.

About this application

This is one of the latest applications. This application has been updated. You are going to install the latest version of this application. All the bugs in this application have been fixed. One of the best features of this application is it will not consume a lot of your data. This feature is best for those who do not have Wi-Fi and use mobile data. For such users, this is one of the best applications.

Additional features of TSB Studios APK

  •  Watch online entertainment channels
  •  You can watch the news on this application
  •  You can enjoy your favorite drama and this application
  •  You can watch the latest movies
  •   This application consumes less data
  •  High response service
  •  Fewer ads
  •  Updated content


This is one of the best applications for watching online entertainment content. This application provides the latest content to the users. You will have a very high-quality service. You will not experience a lot of buffer in this application. This application does not contain any annoying ads. The content in this application is related to South Asia. You will have all the content related to Pakistan and  India.



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