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Apr 27, 2022
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This is a live TV channel for live TV streaming purposes.


Features of this application Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk.

  • Top free entertainment
  • TV streaming
  • News
  • Live sports

Users reviews

It is an amazing application provided to us by the developers, It rewards us with coins and free MBs too, thanks to them. There are many TV channels including Ten sports. But this channel has a bit problem, it can’t easily be played, the Quality of this channel is very high (full HD) and it can’t be reduced by the user. Please allow the user to adjust the Quality of the channel by themselves.(Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)

This app has some issues. For some channels only a specific resolution is available. On my phone, ten sports streaming is very clear (maybe 720pix) but live streaming of matches is only 144p, and it always runs on auto, I am unable to change the resolution. I reinstalled it a couple of times but the problem remains the same. I was here only for live streaming of the match but was a bit disappointed. Please Improve the live streaming of the match or guide me.(Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)

For a few days, this app is really bugging us. The coins I had been collecting for months, when I redeemed, it didn’t proceed to load, and ultimately all my coins vanished. Neither it was redeemed, nor it was left. All of my coins were removed automatically. I am going to delete this app forever. It is a waste of my time. Even channels take long to stream. The app takes a long to open. Sometimes, channels never load. Garbage on my phone. 😠(Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)


Very bad app. I am using this app since 2019. But when I try to claim 7 days challenge it takes too much time to open. Free MBs are not claiming and working. Without MBS and coins, it is the worst app. Plz, fix this problem. Mbs is the main issue. Mbs is not used. (Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)

AOA! Tamasha app is an exceptional service. Why Ary news, Dunya news, 92 news, Lahore news, Ptv network, Geo Tez, Brigham tv & Peace tv Urdu is not available on the tamasha app. But some flaws & paucities are still not addressed. The most prominent & the most renowned channels are not available on this app.No doubt, it is a big loophole. The app has too much slowed down due to multiple users. Loading loading loading kindly resolve this issue. Madani channel does not work properly kindly fix it. Thank You! (Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)

Please add ARY NEWS, HUM NEWS, 92 NEWS, DUNYA NEWS, AND PTV NETWORK. Tamasha app is an exceptional service. But some flaws & paucities are still not addressed. The most prominent & the mostly renowned channels are not available on this app.No doubt, it’s a big loophole. Why are news, Dunya news, 92 news & hum news not available on the tamasha app. Thank You! (Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)

I give only ⭐ star because if the jazz company gives out customer free entertainment then they cannot provide 4G services any package work properly but if I used this app when I can’t subscribe to any package the channel of tamasha not work stop the video every 5 to 10 sec they can provide very bad 😞😔 service 30 to 40 kb normal and low service is 1 to 3 kb plz fit it for more stars 🤩(Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)

Very good experience, entertaining app, and daily rewards feature eye-catching feature. Just gaining more coins to get rewarded. But facing an issue regarding the coins redeem feature, which only shows Tamasha apps daily, weekly & monthly redemption options, not the recharge feature shows. But, when comes to changing to other jazz number only then appears. (Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)

This app has had some serious issues over the last month or so. I redeemed 1000 coins for a month. Now when I open any channel or film, the screen is a pretty blur and it shows “use wifi” or “resubscribe”, none of them can be clicked. Previously, my coin’s end date was long over, but the app would still run. When those minutes came to 0, the app would not work until you claim another package. Please fix these issues or we will never be left with any other choice but to delete it for good. (Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)


28 date Pak vs eng T20 match I open this app to watch live streaming cricket even ten sports don’t open channel and want to pkg and then I sub pkg then not opening this app and so more loading and if open only 2 or 3 channels opening others, not like I want ten sports so very disappointing this and now I am uninstalling this app #plzz fix this issue.(Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)

Totally Nice app Everything is best but one thing that is missing that’s why I am giving 4 stars is to add Pakistan most-watched channel currently watched by 50% of the People in Pakistan You Can clearly see it on the sites it has the highest TRP I am Talking about ARY NEWS Why Are You not adding this channel on your I am confirmed if you add ARY you will find more viewership on your app: THANKS.


This app can be more useful with a 5-star rating, Just need to address the following issues, 1. Free MB’s either don’t work or work way later after claiming, without display of remaining incentives in JazzWorld app, (make MB’s in total 500 for a week) 2. Re-adding redeem option of 1000 coins for Rs. 50 3. Need to revise # of coins strategy, I would suggest designing it as 1000 coins can be collected in 60 days (2 months). 4(Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk). & add more channels I hope these issues (to me at least) can be addressed.

This app is really best if the owner increases channels definitely users and subscribers will also increase this point is in favor of the application It also had for hum channels for a while but were removed it was happiness for us but for a while well once again I would like to request increase channels for viewers of application.
(Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)

It is a very. Very. Good app but I have one issue in this app that the cricket channel is not available this app please please add PTV or another sports channel if the sports channel is not free then I get the package and use the app Agree with the package on the sports channel thanks.

This app 📰🗞️🆕 News and drama serial movie s and News 📰📰 this app is very good and wonderful app 5star tamasha is the first 🥇🥇 I know when you get there and I’ll send you ❤️🌹❤️ the first time 👇👇👇 download it 🤠😊😊 and every day tod(Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)ay 🙂🙂 I know when very expressive app …………….$$$$$…


Tamasha tv not provide good services for customers because I am collecting 2000 coins and I apply to redeem 2000 coins replacement 100 rupees but this app management my achieved 2000 coins but your management not send redeem coins 2000 replacement 100 balances I am not satisfied your services your bad services you are better your tamasha app services and I hope you are better services and you are sent 100 rupees in my account

It is a very beautiful app۔ it’s not a fake app like other apps۔It gives me rewards in form of Cash, packages, and much more without any cost۔I use it every day. I give it five stars. It is my favorite app. I suggest you please use it for one day then you remember that it is one of the best apps in the world.😍🤩 (Tamasha: Live TV Movie Drama apk)

I have been using this TV app since it has introduced. It’s Great but not fully. Because its operating team is not working well, I have suggested them many times but they do not respond a single time. This time I will suggest a final time. 1. Please add some Sports Channels. 2. Add some movies for entertainment + some movie channels. 3. Make 10-sec escape in a video player Like on YouTube. Thank you. And please tell us when it will be updated.


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