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Subway surfers apk

Subway Surfers was released on Sep 20, 2012. Now this game has 1 billion-plus download on the google place store. It means that every seventh person in the world plays subway surfers. This game is one of the best sources of entertainment. This game is very simple. The player of this game has to control the character in the and give direction to the character in the game and save the character from the obstacle during the game. This is the whole concept of this game.

Subway surfers apk


What new in this game?

The Subway Surfers World Tour flaunts some pride in San Francisco!
– Suit up with our most current legend, Super Runner Tricky, and her decked-out Trickster Board while playing through the Super Runner Staged Challenge.
– Commend this bright season and all its wonderful compensations with the Pride Calendar.
– Access World Tour Events and travel to various objections while acquiring astonishing awards!
– Play through the Season Hunt to open another variety of a fan-most loved Surfer, Pride Miss Maia.
Information wellbeing


Subway surfers apk






We can also say that this game is an endless game. At the start of the game, the game is easy, as the game go-ahead becomes challenging and difficult to save the character from the obstacles.

Subway surfers apk




In the game, the player gets a lot of things from the developer side like a score booster, magnet, airplane, and many more things. When the player gets a score booster during the game, then the score multiplies several time of the player. The player in this game can also collect the coins. These can be used to buy different items in this game. Magnet is used for the purpose to attract coins to the game. When the character gets the magnet, he is able to attract coins from a longer distance, in this way, he get more coins in the game. Let’s explain the booster briefly

Subway surfers apk









Hoverboard (Subway surfers apk)

This hoverboard help to protect the character in the game for 30 seconds. When the character touches the obstacle he will not die if he is using the hoverboard booster.

Score booster (Subway surfers apk)


This booster is known from the name that it will boost the score in the game like 3, 5, or 7 times. If the player is able to attain several boosters in the game, then at the end of the game he will get a lot of scores on the board.







Headstart (Subway surfers apk)


Headstart is also one of the boosters in the game that,  the layer has to use this booster at the start of the game, this will help the player to move fastly in the game, and he also is able to make a lot of scores at the beginning of the game, thus, by using headstart, the player also saves himself from crashing in the start of the game.

Jetpack upgrade (Subway surfers apk)


This booster increases the duration of the super sneaker powerup.

Super sneaker upgrade (Subway surfers apk)


This booster increases the duration of super sneaker powerup.




Achievements in this game (Subway surfers apk)


The game provides the reward t0 the player when the player achieves any mission mentioned by the game.

The reward may be the keys or the coins, which the player can later use for different purposes

Characters in this game (Subway surfers apk)


This game has a lot of character. Some are unlocked and some are locked. The player has to pay certain coins to unlock the locked characters. Some paid characters have special abilities.



Store in the game (Subway surfers apk)


Store in the game provides the player coins and key. Different packages have different coins. The player can also avail free gifts from the game. And some packages are given to the player when he watches ads shown in the game.

About the game (Subway surfers apk)


This game has a 4.3 rating on the place store. The game is downloaded more than by one billion people. The version of this game is 2.27.0. Recently this game was updated on Dec 10, 2021.

The download size of this game is 134 Mb.



Graphics of this game (Subway surfers apk)


This game has wonderful graphics and one of the best sound quality. The objects of this game look very charming and attractive.

Conclusion (Subway surfers apk)


This game is one of the favorite games for the children and elders too. It is one of the best sources of entertainment. And this game is also addictive.


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Comments on this game of the users



I have always enjoyed this game, and I’m happy that my characters were all saved after getting a new phone and having to reinstall it. My only complaint is that the volume for the game is SUPER LOW, but then the ads are BLASTING! So I really hope this gets fixed. It’s annoying that I have to keep adjusting my volume, and I have to have my volume all the way up to actually hear the music. But it’s not my speaker that’s the problem cause then the ads that play are so loud, you can hear a mile away.

Subway surfers apk


I don’t like u tf-
Hello, Subway Surfers. The game sporadically makes you unable to move when playing. Which in the end makes you lose obviously. It may be a bug in the system that can easily be fixed. One thing I suggest is you saving our progress if we accidentally get out of the game when we lose and want to watch an ad. This happened to me and I had some mystery boxes but couldn’t get to open them because y’all didn’t save my progress. That frustrated me so bad, you have no idea.
Subway surfers apk
Michelles Spirit
No problem with the game itself. There’s only a problem with the way in which my keys are counted when I use them. For some reason, it doesn’t go in numerical order. PLEASE fix this, ty. I STILL stand with this review, however now, a lot of the ads don’t play. You can’t even back out of the ads that won’t play. The only way out of these ads is to completely leave the game, which as a result makes you lose your progress for what you just played. CREATORS, PLEASE HELP, TY!
Subway surfers apk

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