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Minion rush apk

Minion rush apk is an endless running game. Minion rush is one of the best games for entertainment for adults and children. This game is very enjoyable and addictive. Once the player starts playing it, then it is difficult to leave the game. The graphics and the sound of this game.


About the game (Minion rush apk)

This game was released on June 13, 2013. The developer of this game is Gameloft SE. The size of this game is 92 MB. This game has 100 million-plus downloads on the place store, which shows that the user of this game has a great interest in the game. Recently this game was updated on Dec 16, 2021. Although this is an old game, the developer of this game still updated this game. With the passage of time the number of users of this game increases.


How to install this game? (Minion rush apk)

To install this game, visit our site and there click the download button. The game apk file will start downloading. After downloading, the next step is the installation of the apk file.

Go to the setting of your mobile, there click on an unknown resource, then apk file will start downloading.


What is new in this game?

What’s going on
– The Minions sneak on board a trip to San Francisco in the most recent Special Mission: Rise of Minions Pt. 2!
– Another playable Minion is joining the group soon.
– More awards are accessible in the new everyday registration.
– New outfits are accessible to open: Airline Bob and a secret one.


How to play this game? (Minion rush apk)

The concept of this game is very simple. The player has to save the character from the obstacle in the game. The path of the character in the game is full of different kinds of obstacles.  Along with that, the path of the character also possesses the booster. The booster is of different kinds. Some boosters are for life-saving purposes, some are for score purposes and there are many more.

Different kinds of characters in the game (Minion rush apk)

This game contains different kinds of characters in the game. The player can select the character for the gameplay according to his desire. These characters are classic, magician, referee, girl, firefighter, dad, vampire, baby, and content missing. Different characters have different kinds of specialties in the game like magicians can collect bananas 400 % more in the game. The firefighter increases your despicable score, multiplier level by 3. The dad character in the game can give first revive free in the game. The vampire character in the game can do split banana, freeze rays, etc.

Minion rush apk


Different locations in the game (Minion rush apk)

This game has a different locations like Gru,s lab, residential area, EI Macho,s lair, Mall, and minion beach.

The location of this game is very beautiful. This game has wonderful graphics. The graphics and sound of this gameplay a very important role to make this game very interesting.


Power-ups in this game (Minion rush apk)

This game has different power-ups like a golden shield, freeze ray, banana vacuum, banana splitter, minion shield, minion launcher, guru rocket, fluffy unicorn, and mega minion, etc.  . For the golden shield in the game, the player has to pay coins. For freeze ray, the player has to pay 50 bananas.

Minion rush apk

For a banana vacuum, the player has to pay 150 bananas. For banana splitter, the player has to pay 150 bananas. For minion shield, the player has to play 750 bananas. For the minion launcher, the player has to pay 2 coins. For gru,s rocket the player has to pay 750 bananas. For fluffy unicorn, the player has to pay 150 bananas and for mega minions, the player has to pay 150 bananas.



Shop option  (Minion rush apk)

Like other games, this game also possesses the game the shop option, where the player can buy items from the developer of the game.



Social option (Minion rush apk)

This game also possesses the social option, where the player of this game connects with his friends and can play the game. When the player can connect on social media with friends, then he gets 10 coins as a reward from the game side.



Graphics of this game (Minion rush apk)

The graphics of this game is very nice, along with graphics the sound quality of this game is also very nice. Both the sound and graphics of this game makes the interest of the player to the next level. In the success of this game, the graphics and the sound play a very important role.



Conclusion (Minion rush apk)

This game minion rush game is a very interesting game. It is known from the rating of this game. This game is a great source of entertainment for android gamers. This game contains dozen of different kinds of challenges. With that, the game also possesses wonderful graphics and sound quality which makes the game very attractive.


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User comments

Minion rush apk
Boring it’s too hard to get any good costumes. And the new rank system is very bad in most cases. And also the levels that you play are basically too easy and offer no challenge if you know how to play the game. And lastly, the old version (2017) made it feel like an endless runner! That’s why the game was so fun back then why’d you have to turn on the game being fun? You just made it pay2play.
Minion rush apk
Edwin Cawili
Personally, I think that this game is really good and has evolved really well. Although I do miss what it use to be when it first was released; a Despicable me version of Temple Run, with bosses to boot. But this is really good too, minus the ads. But I wish I could replay some of the levels I completed, specifically the bosses.
Minion rush apk
copped animation s
I really enjoyed playing this game. However, the latest update is pretty frustrating. Missions speed up much quicker making it impossible to complete without spending tokens. I truly hope it’s an oversight in the update and not the developer trying to make the players spend money. Also if you have free power, I.e you run across a banana vacuum, the bananas you collect hardly count towards your recharge. Also did not fix issues with roller coaster bananas not counting and lag in the Egyptian room.

Minion rush apk

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