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Hill climb racing 2 apk


This game hill climb racing 2 apk was first released on November 27, 2016. The reason for launching this game is the successful launch of Hill climb racing.  Hill climb racing and Hill climb racing 2 are both games launched by the same company.



The Hill climb racing is played by a lot of users and still, and this game is popular in the community. But Hill climb 2 is on the next level. This game has wonder full graphics and sound. Like the hill climb, 2 is even more popular in the community because of the quality of the game. This game has a lot of new options.




Hill Climb Racing 2 takes all your favorite parts from Hill Climb Racing 1 and builds on them. Your favorite adventure mode is back and even bigger than beautiful new songs. You can compete with other players from around the world in Cup mode and even create a racing team with your friends to win epic prizes for the season! We’ve expanded vehicle personalization with new skins and vehicle upgrades that will improve your driving! compete!




Keep in mind that we are always reading your feedback and working hard to create new original content for our car games: new cars, bikes, cups, levels, and features for HCR1 and HCR2. If you find a bug or crash, let us know so we can fix it. We really appreciate it if you report your likes or dislikes and any issues you may have with our racing game to support@fingersoft.com, please include your device make and model.




What’s new
* New types of public events have been added
* Daily tasks can now be charged
* Added schedules for upcoming team events, public events, and season ticket information
* Improved localization
* User interface settings
* Various bug and crash fixes


(Hill climb racing 2 apk)

Compete in weekly live multiplayer events!
Unlock new vehicles and choose the best for your racing style!
Upgrade and improve the performance of your vehicle!
Customize your trip with a wide selection of spare parts that you can mix, match and upgrade!
Customize with tons of awesome character skins and awesome vehicle coloring tasks!
Compete in different environments: dirt, asphalt, snow, and more! Even on the moon!
Great graphics optimized for high and low-resolution devices
Socialize! Challenge your friends to show off your driving skills!
Climb the charts as you compete to be the best!




Hi! I love Hill Climb 2. This is one of my favorite games. You can change your avatar, compete with others, and have tons of cool cars that don’t lie! Play Hill Climb 2 forever, maybe from 2015? It’s so much fun to play! There are a few issues the developer would like to add. Can you add an update? I unlocked all the cars from a year ago please add some cars and more views.




(Hill climb racing 2 apk)

I would appreciate that! Thymus! And you’ll probably hate it from supplements. You see, this game does not require internet access, just activate airplane mode and there are no add-ons. I do it every day when I play this game. So stop with hateful reviews and listen to the reviews. If you are a car enthusiast buy this one. As I said, you can do a lot of epic fun stuff. Even though I’m 15, I still play this. :))



(Hill climb racing 2 apk)


There are also VIPs. This is my personal opinion about this game, if you don’t agree, keep it to yourself. Please, developers, add things that I or others have said and keep working hard! for this game!!

An epic game! Thank you for your cooperation. And keep working hard! ️



It’s not worth it
I’ve been playing this game for a few months and it’s not consistent at all. There’s no way to determine where you’re going to bang your head in tunnels, caves, and more, it’s always a gamble. When landing a big jump, it’s 50/50 if you land well or you finish dead. I noticed that while building the bike I also came across random, barely perceptible bumps that crushed all my speed. It’s very frustrating and takes up a lot of racing.


(Hill climb racing 2 apk)

The same goes for landing on a hill. It’s easy to see which vehicles are overloaded in the game: the dune buggy, the monster truck, the sports bike, and the Lamborghini supercar. The amount of pardon from this compared to the others is downright stupid, every lobby I enter is always on top and no one else can touch it. So far, the mysterious money and box system is the worst. You get money for cup competitions and coins for adventures. It takes forever to upgrade vehicles in this game compared to the first.

(Hill climb racing 2 apk)


Being able to exchange diamonds for coins is great, but converting diamonds into coins is not worth it. And finally the mystery box, hey I could go on for hours. It seems like CSR2 is always getting parts for cars you don’t own and can’t afford, or parts you don’t need at all and are just taking up space. Above all, this game takes a lot of work and the first climb up the hill will always be my favorite. We hope Fingersoft will come together and fix the problems in it to make it even better.










Different gameplay modes of Hill climb racing 2 apk



In Hill climb racing 2, the user can find different gameplay mode types like:

  • Adventure
  • Cups
  • Team
  • Events
  • Shop




Adventure(Hill climb racing 2 apk)

The adventure mode contains wanderer First-class. In this model, the user can find different maps and locations for racing like race, countryside, forest, city, mountains, rustbucket reef, winter, mines, desert valley, beach, backwater bog, racer glacier, patchwork plant, and gloomvale. The game also contains special maps like skyrocket outpost, forest trials, intense city, raging winter, etc.



Cups (Hill climb racing 2 apk)

The cup mode of this game is the rank level system. During the gameplay of this game, the player must have internet. Then he will be able to play this game. This game has different ranks like bronze 3, bronze 2, bronze 1, silver 3, silver 2, silver 1, gold 3, gold 2, and gold 1  which ends at legendary. In the rank system, the players compete globally.






Team(Hill climb racing 2 apk)

The team level can be played by the player when he reached the gold 1 level unless the player can not play this level. I myself do not reach that level so, I can not say anything more about this level.




Events (Hill climb racing 2 apk)

The events option contains different events depending upon the developer of the game, what he provided to the user.


Shop (Hill climb racing 2 apk)

This game also provides the shop option to the user, where he can buy different things according to his needs. The shop contains a premium pass. This pass contains rewards. Along with that, there are many other things, like VIP subscriptions. The VIP subscription makes the game ads free, free daily VIP chest, customization, and double points. These are the privileges given by the VIP subscription.



The VIP subscription is only for one month, which only costs up to 2 dollars or even less. The shop in this game also provides special offers like wheelie boost, landing boost, thrusters, gems, and coins. The user can buy gems and coins in this game if he wants to buy them.

Social medial option (Hill climb racing 2 apk)

This user in this game can also share his game statistics with his friend on social media, and can also invite social media friends to play a game.


How to install Hill climb racing 2 apk (Hill climb racing 2 apk)

Before installing the game, go to setting, click on unknown resources to install the apk file of this game. This game Hill climb racing 2 apk is virus-free and secure to install on phone.

Conclusion(Hill climb racing 2 apk )

Hill climb racing 2 is one of the popular and best games for android users. It has wonderful graphics and sound quality. A lot of you tubers play this game on youtube and earn money from gameplay. So, we can say that it is a wonderful game. To watch the gameplay of this game we are embedding the video for you from youtube.


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