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Dr. Driving 2 apk free download

Dr. driving 2 is also popular like dr. driving. It is also one of the favorite games of the child and elders. The concept of the game is the same as dr. driving 1. This game is the updated form of dr. driving 1. The user can download the Dr. driving 2 apk file from our site. This is a very easy step. Open the link of the apk file then click on the download button, and then downloading will start, if the download link is not available there, then you can contact us we are every time available and we will provide you the link as soon as possible.

Dr. driving 2 apk

About the game

This game is a driving game but not a racing game. In this game, the player has to drive the car but not for racing purposes. This game has different missions like career, car laboratory, top race, tournament, taxi, championship, etc. In this game, the player can buy points which he can later use for different purposes like updating vehicle parts and many more things. The player in this game can drive different kinds of cars, but for this purpose, the player has to unlock the car or spend the coins to unlock the car. Like other games, this game also has charming and beautiful cars. Every car has its own taste during the game.

Dr. driving 2 apk



To open different cars, the player must play and collect the coins. These coins are used to unlock cars and upgrade different vehicle parts. Updating the vehicle part improves the gameplay of the player.

About the Dr. driving 2 apk

The apk file which we provide is safe and secure to download. The size of Dr. driving 2 apk is 23 mb.

Store option

This game provides the store option to the player for the purpose to buy the coins, which later can be used for different purposes to improve the gameplay.


If you want to install the doctor driving apk then click on the below link

Dr. driving apk download


About the Dr. driving 2 apk

The Dr. Driving 2 apk available on our site is free to download, if you want to install the apk file you can simply download it by clicking on the download button. Our site is not like another site that redirects users again and again to another site and the user at the end does not find the required file.

Dr. driving 2 apk


Dr. Driving 2 is a pushing game that creates some distance from your common dashing games where the objective is to get to the end goal as quickly as possible by hustling around at 120 mph. All things being equal, you want to drive ordinary vehicles around typical, metropolitan circuits, at an ordinary speed.

Dr. driving 2 apk



The game proposes more than 100 unique missions, wherein you have a wide range of objectives to achieve. In every one of the missions, in any case, the significant thing is to drive cautiously and utilize your good judgment, regarding all the traffic guidelines, try not to break as far as possible, and obviously, without crashing.

Dr. driving 2 apk


Contingent upon how well or how seriously you do, subsequent to finishing a mission, you get an amount of cash. Obviously, with this cash, you can gain more and better vehicles to make your excursions around the city more different. You can likewise buy new tires and new parts for the motor.

Dr. driving 2 apk



Dr. Driving 2 is a unique and engaging driving game, where you should be a decent driver. It’s not one of those games where you can simply floor it and stay optimistic. No. It’s the ideal opportunity for you to figure out how to drive.

Dr. driving 2 apk

Comments of the users

Syed Ali Fahad Kazmi

I admit that I play it almost every day. Pros: Its controls are really good. Graphics are fair There’s always a motivation to keep playing in order to get more parts & upgrade coupons. “Tournament races” are fun as you get to play with someone living in another country. Cons: The most annoying thing is that if you collide with another vehicle even slightly, you lose the race. The number of tracks is very limited, and it gets boring. There are a limited number of objectives.

Dr. driving 2 apk

Amit bhool

The other cars on the street never change lanes, making it a little easier or harder to drive. And just because I slightly touch the curb does not mean my windshield cracks and I have to lose over such a small incident. That wastes my fuel, and speaking of, why do I have to spend something (fuel/ tickets) just to drive? That does not make sense. There is also an ad after every single level about the SAME APP. But still, this is a pretty amazing driving simulator!
Dr. driving 2 apk
Google user
This is an amazing app! It has improved a lot since their last game Dr. Driving 1. In the first Dr. Driving, it didn’t let me change the cars, but in this one, it has many different options! It also has better graphics, their first game had more of a blocky graphic type of thing. This also has a more smooth type of graphics. They had added new tracks which I’m very happy about! They added more things such as challenges, levels, prizes, and upgrades! The Controls are the same. I definitely recommend it!
Dr. driving 2 apk




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