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Camera360 apk for android free download




If you like to capture selfies with your friends, then this is one of the best apps for you. Because with the help of this app you can capture one of the best kinds of pics. This app has dozen of features. With the help of these features, you can capture one of the best kind of your best moment pictures. Some of the features of this app are free and some are paid. If you want to use the paid features of this app then you have to pay the developer of this app. You can pay the developer by using your debit card.


About the app (Camera360 apk)

You will find man options and features in this app regarding photography. We will discuss one by one each feature of this app.

When you click the camera option of the app. You will get three options regarding the photo. That will look like beauty and makeup. When you click the option of the look you will get different kinds of looks for your photo. Some feature types of looks are paid and some are free ones. You can use the free look feature of this app but you cannot use the paid feature and look option because you have to pay the developer to buy that kind of feature for your photos.


(Camera360 apk)

The looks feature in this app can give different kinds of looks to the photos you can choose according to your need. The second option that this app gives to you is the beauty option. You can do a lot of things in this beauty option like smoothening the skin, whitening the skin, smaller face, slim face thin chin airline reduction, noise bridge, no-stitch, teeth whitening, size of the lips thickness of the lips, the height of the lips, the smile of the lips, in large eyes, brightness, dark circles of eyes, a span of the eyes,  corner of the eyes, angle of the eyes, eyes bags of the eyes, thickness of the eyes brows.



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(Camera360 apk)

All these features are available in the app you can utilize and edit the photo according to your need by utilizing all the containing features of the app. This app also gives you the makeup option. And makeup features of these you can use auto-enhance, foundation, natural love,  Roy pink, lipstick, blush, eyeshadows, eyelashes lens and much more option available in this app. There are a lot of options and features to enhance your photos according to your need by editing your photos and the app will give you the extra looks and efficiency to your photos. You can also edit the photos in the app according to your need.


(Camera360 apk)

And the editing option of the app you will get a lot of features by using them you will edit your photo according to your need. Some of the features that I want to discuss with you are one touch duty, refresh skin, facial touching, longer legs, facial lift, body shaping, makeup strong features.



(Camera360 apk)

In this app, you will get a lot of different kinds of filters for your photos. The filters present in the app are favorite portrait, bubble film, film girl, food, sceneries guy, black and white template, special effects, and foods. In the favorite filter, you will get all out of different kinds of filters you can select the one according to the need of your photos. This was the some of the filters which are present in this app and I discussed them with you people.


Refreshing skin (Camera360 apk)

In this app refreshing skin option, you will refresh the skin of your photos according to your need. For this option, you will get smooth skin, tone, shares outline, soluble force, crow feet the circles, eye bags, relieve redness, cell screen match and cold and warm texture brighten skin, teeth whitening, remove acne and spots. You can utilize and use all these kinds of features in the refreshed skin option to improve the skin quality of your photos.


One-touch beauty (Camera360 apk)

In this option one-touch beauty you will also improve the quality of your photo. In this option, you will get beauty for the face and auto-enhance.


Facial retouching (Camera360 apk)

In facial retouching, you will get to touch your photos according to the face app nose, eyes, eyebrow, moth, etc. If you have a problem with any of these you can edit them in these options.


Longer legs (Camera360 apk)

In the longer legs option, you can also adjective photos according to your need by making your photos in such a way that you will look taller in the photo.


Facial lift body shaping (Camera360 apk)

In this option facial lift body shaping, you will shape your body according to your need and you will also be able to lift your face according to your need and you can edit your photos according to your need. You can do all things according to your satisfaction level.



Makeup (Camera360 apk)

You can also do makeup with the help of this option makeup.



Free and paid features (Camera360 apk)

A lot of features in this app are free but some are paid ones. You have to pay the developer to get and unlock all the features which you want to utilize. When you will get the paid version of the app. You will get certain kinds of works for this app like you will see no ads in the app you will be able to try all the latest features of this app you will get 100 + professional portrait beauty tools along with that you will get 200 + personalized features and 600 + filters of different styles cute stickers which are operated weekly you can get all these kind of features in the paid version of this app. You can coupon to get the discount from the developer.


Conclusion (Camera360 apk)

This is a wonderful app for photo editing and makes your photos to the next level if you have keen on photography then you must use this app to improve the quality of your pictures and also added them on a professional level and it is one of the best apps for photography.





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