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Name Bob the robber 4
Price FREE

Bob the robber 4 apk for android

Bob the robber 4 is an action game






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The version of the game

The version of this game is 1.5










Downloads (Bob the robber 4 apk)

This game has more than 10000000 downloads.

Download size of this game

The download size of this game is 9.27 Mb.


Developer of this game

This game is developed by spil games.







Release date

The release date of this game is july 30, 2017.


Bugs fix in the new update

The player no longer keeps moving after starting the mini-game.

Fixed joystick showing up when clicking on UI elements.



Improved control

Improved UI

The player now needs to complete the previous level before unlocking the new level.

Improved timer layout.





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