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ADV Screen recorder apk

ADV Screen recorder apk is considered one of the best screen recorders for android devices. This app will record the screen of your android device. This app has a lot of features for the users.

About this app (ADV Screen recorder apk)

This app is developed by ByteRev. This was released on August 13, 2015. The version of this app is 4.5.5. This app was updated on Jul 12, 2021.

How to use this app (ADV Screen recorder apk)

Before using this app, the user must do settings according to his requirements. When you open the app, you will see three dots on the upper left side of the screen, click on that, go to the setting. Here in the setting option, you can do the setting according to your need.


Recording engine (ADV Screen recorder apk)

In the recording engine option, here the user can select the recording engine for himself. The app provides different types of engines like basic engines, legacy advanced engines, new advanced engines, and async engines.

Stop option (ADV Screen recorder apk)

In the stop option, you can choose how to stop the screen recording. The app provides you with two options. The button on the notification bar. And the other way to stop recording is just simply off the screen. You can choose the option which suits you the best.

Video resolution option (ADV Screen recorder apk)

In the video resolution option, the user can choose the resolution of the recording video. The user can have different options like 240, 360, 480, 720, and the last option is the screen resolution. In screen resolution, the user will have the resolution for the video according to his mobile screen resolution. The more the resolution of the screen, the recorded video will be of bigger storage. You can choose the resolution according to your need and mobile space.


Video bitrate (ADV Screen recorder apk)

The user can also change the video bitrate of the video. The user is provided with the options like 2, 4,6, 8, 10, and 15 Mbps.

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Video frame rate (ADV Screen recorder apk)

The user in this app is also provided with the video frame rate option. The more frame rate of the video, the better will be the quality of the video. But selecting a higher frame rate will consume more processors of the mobile, which may affect the overall video quality and may the mobile lag. So it is upon the user to select the best fps option for himself.

Vidoe orientation

This app also provides the user with orientation. The good news is this, the app provides automatic orientation. The user gets the freedom to record the video from any side, the orientation will be set up automatically.

Audio of the video

For the audio of the video, the user is provided with the three options like no video, internal audio, and microphone audio. The user can mute the audio of the video, he can also record the internal audio, and can also record the microphone audio.

Overlay (ADV Screen recorder apk)

The user can use the logo, text, and camera overlay on the video. This can also be done in the setting of the app.


Conclusion (ADV Screen recorder apk)

This app is overall very good for screen recording of the mobile. It has a high number of downloads on the place store and a lot of users have done positive ratings for this app. We also recommend this app for mid-range mobile.



David Perreaux
The app seems more robust than some others when it comes to recording Non-Standard video. It may crash but, the temp file can simply be renamed and its playback is normal. The app isn’t optimized for both, portrait and landscape orientation. It also requires permission each time you want a file deleted and your phone must be reoriented to portrait mode to tap the buttons to do so or not as if the phone hasn’t already been given storage/file access. It doesn’t secure itself well in RAM.
Emma Davis
Nice app to start with but the overlay button completely broke it. Turned it off and it wouldn’t disappear until I actually started recording – ok, I got one video recorded just fine. For the second video, however, whenever “starting” to record I get the popup saying to use the button to start the video. Except… there is no button. No amount of refreshing, changing settings, or closing the app made the button reappear either. This rendered the app useless.
This app is awesome for videos, has really good quality, has no watermark, and is really easy to use. Love it so far! But the reason I’m giving this a 4 star is that in the middle of my recording, the recorder randomly disappears and it doesn’t save my recording after I’ve been recording for 30 minutes. It’s been happening all of a sudden, and it really annoys me. So, please try and fix this and I’ll give you 5 stars! Thank you!
ADV screen recorder apk

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