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What is ablo? (Ablo apk)

Ablo is a video chat app. It is one of the best apps for video chat. With the help of this app, the user can do video chat with anybody in the world free of cost.


Setting of this app (Ablo apk)

Profile and account

In the profile and account option, the user is provided with the

  1. Name option
  2. The gender
  3. Birthdate
  4. Email
  5. Password
  6. Phone number
  7. Location
  8. Blocked profile
  9. Manage read receipts
  10. Save video to device
  11. Show me in ranking
  12. Show my age and gender

Name option: In the name option, the user can select any name for himself. Once the user changes the name, then he is unable to change the name again.

Gender option: In the gender option the user can select his gender.

Birthdate: In this option, the user can give the app his date of birth.

Email address: In this option, the user can give his email address.

Password: In this, the user can choose the password for this app.

Phone number: This app also provides phone verification for the ablo.

Location: In the location option, you can give your location to the app.

Blocked option: In the blocked option, the user can any profile.

Manage read receipts: With the help of this option the user can control the receipt of the chat.

Save video to the device: You can also save the videos in your device by enabling this option.

Show me in ranking: By enabling this option, your id will also show in ranking.

Show my age and gender: By enabling this option the other users, of this app will see you your age and gender.




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Subscription(Ablo apk)

This app ablo provides two kinds of subscriptions.

  • Ablo subscription
  • Club subscription

Ablo subscription: The ablo subscription provides three packages:



1st class

In the plus package, you will get 2000 coins the first month, then every month 1000 coins.

In the premium package, the user will get 12000 coins the first month, then 6000 coins every month.

In 1st class, the user will get 80,000 coins the first month, then 40,000 coins each month.


Club membership: In the club membership the user will who like him.



Language (Ablo apk)

The user can select any language in the app given. The app provides almost every language of the world.



Notification (Ablo apk)

The user can also use the notification for this app.




How to do live video calls on this app? (Ablo apk)

When you open this app, left side of the screen you will see the live button in this app, click on that button then another page in the app will open then click on video chat, tap on that, wait a few seconds, you will meet someone in video chat.

You can also select the continent for the people which you want to meet, but for this option, you will need coins. You can get the coins by subscribing to the different packages of this app.

You can also select the gender for the video chat. This will also need coins. You must have coins for the selection gender and do video chat with them.


Discover option (Ablo apk)

In this option, you will get more things, here you will find the following, popular, language and nearby.

In the popular option, you will find the popular people in this app. You can also join their lives and can also send gifts to them. If they accept your call you can also do chat with them.

In the nearby option, you will find people near to you, the people of your area, where you can talk with them.



Ranking system (Ablo apk)

This app also provides a ranking system. The app will show you the top 20 people on this app ablo. You can follow them and can also chat with them.



Messaging option (Ablo apk)

This app also provides a text option. The user with whom you talk on ablo can also send a text to him like any other communication app.


Chalenges (Ablo apk)

This app contains a ton of challenges in this app ablo.

300 second challenge (Ablo apk)

This is the first challenge of this app. You can open and complete this challenge when you talk 300 seconds with anybody through this app.

Socializer (Ablo apk)

This is the second challenge of this app ablo. You will open this challenge when you will call 5 people in one hour.

Globetrotter (Ablo apk)

When you will talk about 5 different cultures on world Anti-racism day. Then you will open this challenge in this app ablo.

You will open this challenge when you will go on a video journey through 5 different countries.

Wonder day (Ablo apk)

Talk with women on international women’s day. Then you will open this challenge.

Say no to racism (Ablo apk)

You can open this challenge on ablo app by talking with 5 different cultures on world Anti-Racism day.


Adventurer (Ablo apk)

You will be able to open this challenge tag when you collect 15000 miles in this app.


Video app (Ablo apk)

When you will get 50 like on a single video you posted, then you will be able to open this challenge tag for you.

Golden camel (Ablo apk)

When you will buy the biggest pack of coins then you will be able to open this tag for yourself.

Fire starter (Ablo apk)

Post a video

This is also a challenge on the albo that you will open this tag challenge when you will post a video on ablo and share your region on the ablo platform.

Reach 1k view (Ablo apk)

You will open this challenge when you will show your city to one thousand people in the world.

Reach 5k view

This challenge will be open you will reach 5k views on ablo.

World traveler

You will get this challenge open when you will get 25000 miles.

There are much more challenges in this app. You can discover all by visiting the app. You will get great entertainment in this app.

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