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8 ball pool apk free download for android (8 ball pool apk)

8 ball pool apk is one of the old games. This game has 500 million-plus downloads on the place store. The rating of this app is 4.4. It means the people are happy with this game. This game was released on Nov 25, 2021. The version of this game is 5.6.1. This game was updated on Nov 25, 2021. This game was released by miniclips.com.




Play with friends


You can play this game with your friends and can also invite them to play the game. The player can also share the statistics on social media. The player can any time retrieve his progress.

About the game (8 ball pool apk)


This game is very simple, you can play this game online with anyone. You can play this game as a guest too. And can play this game with your own id. If you want to play this, first you will need an id. You will be identified through your id. In this game, you can play rank matches and tournaments too.


Practice offline (8 ball pool apk)


In practice mode, you can play this game offline. Then there is no need for an internet connection.

Cue (8 ball pool apk)


This game has a different kind of cue, like beginner cue, supreme cue, 1.5 billion cue, billionaire cue, multimillionaire cue, millionaire cue, sheep cue, the gunman cue, standard cue, candy cue, soccer stars cue, and skull cue.

At the initial stages of the game, the beginner cue is available to the player, the rest of the other cues are locked, they can be unlocked by paying to the developer of the game. The rest of all other cues are paid cues. The above-mentioned cues have different capacities for playing the ball. The player can choose the ball according to ot the requirement of the player.


Profile setting (8 ball pool apk)


You can set your profile according to your need. First, let’s talk about the name of your profile. By default, the game sets your profile with some random number. You can set your name according to your desire. You can also put your picture on the profile or you can set any avatar.




Your profile also shows your achievements (8 ball pool apk)


The other user can also know about level progress. The more achievements you will get, the more impressive your profile will be.

Your cue is also mentioned that, which cue are you using.

Free rewards (8 ball pool apk)


You can get free rewards in the game too. For the free rewards, you have to qualify for certain targets mentioned by the game. You can also get free rewards by watching ads for the developer of the game. And there is a lot more in the free reward option of the game.

Shop option (8 ball pool apk)


This game like other games also includes the shop option. In the shop option, you can buy cash, surprise boxes, cues, coins, and many more things.

The setting of the game (8 ball pool apk)


This game has a lot of setting options like the player can show or hide his VIP badge. If you want to show turn on the option and if you want to hide the VIP option just turn off the option of VIP badge.

In the setting option, the player can do a lot of changes according to his needs.


Social media account (8 ball pool apk)


You can connect your social media account with this game and can also share your statistics on your social media account.

Graphics of the game (8 ball pool apk)


This game has Hd quality graphics. The gameplay of this game looks very attractive to the eyes. With this, the sound quality of this game is also very good. This game has a very calm sound.

Conclusion (8 ball pool apk)


This game is a very nice addictive game, very easy to play. The player in this game can play matches with anyone. The graphics of this game is also very good. This game will never bore you, once you start playing this game, you will never stop.


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Comments on this game

Alicia Kimmet
Decent game for passing time. However, whenever I play in the tournament, I rarely get to break in the final game. My opponents often break two consecutive games when playing in tournaments. Overall, I only get to break about 10% of the time which is grossly disproportionate, which is something that makes this game a lot less enjoyable since many players know how to sink a ball on the break and consequently will run the table. NOT FUN AT ALL.
I absolutely love this game! It’s the only game I’ve been playing for years and won’t give up. I’m part of a great team and making some pretty good coins. The ONLY problem I have with this game is the cheaters. You play a game against an opponent who has a 100% win percentage and doesn’t even aim, but makes every pocket or the ones who use the extended lines! When you’re trying to play some real pool and all you get is hackers, it gets VERY frustrating. Especially as your level and bet increase.
AdeptOne AlchemistDark
I’ve been playing for years. In the last 10 minutes, I’ve lost 3 games- each in less than 30 seconds. One in Cairo. Another in Toronto. And the third is in Dubai. All my opponents were obvious hacks. They take absolutely no time whatsoever to study the table after the break. It took them only 1-2 seconds to call a pocket and take a shot. They never adjust aiming. Each strike is delivered with full power. All their shots are impractical with 100% accuracy. Good luck getting at least 1 shot!

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