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App Info

Name 18insta
Version 1.2
Size 20 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0 and above+

What is 18insta Apk?

It is an Android application in which you will get some extra features that you will not get in an ordinary application. For this purpose, you can download and install 18insta apk.

In which countries this application will work?

This application will work in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Mexico, Vietnam, Argentina, Philippines, Canada, etc.

This application is not for users who are under 18. This application is only for adults. This application may contain such content which is inappropriate for some users.

This application will allow the user to watch and comment on live install videos.  This application will function similarly to Ustream. With the help of this application, you can broadcast live from your smartphone instead of your computer. This is one of the best features of this application because you can broad it from your mobile. You do not need any PC for broadcasting purposes. One of the key features of this application is that you can watch live videos and also can comment on that videos.

Features of this application

When this application was launched for the user, now the user can access all their favorite content with their smartphone. With this new application, the user can watch live streaming, follow other users, and also can do comment on their posts.

The additional feature of this application

  •  The user can watch live content.
  •  Users can comment on live videos.
  •  Users will be able to use some extra features on this application.



With the help of this application, users can create online profiles, can join groups and friends. They can share their favorite content with the help of this application.

This application also provides a feature the user can search for his favorite content in the application. It means that the user can search for his friends and events on this application. The user on this application can also search for the businesses in which he is interested. The users of this application can also promote their business on this application.

How does 18insta APK work?

This application allows the users to create a profile, upload their pictures and content and allow them to share with other fellows.

Pro of this application

One of the advantages of using this application is, maybe this application is restricted in your country’s google play store.  So with the help of this apk file you can install the 18insta apk.

Cons of this application


The user of this application may experience ads. The developer of this application is earning through ADS which are shown on this application. These ads may be annoying to the users. This is one of the drawbacks of this application.


This is a wonderful social networking app. In this application, you will enjoy all the latest features of 18insta.



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